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Top 10 Best Mystery Shopping Sites & Info Reviews

"Retail Stores, Movie Theatres and Restaurant Chains All Over The U.S. and Canada are Paying Mystery Shoppers  $10 to $40 an hour to go shopping at the mall, to eat at your favorite restaurant, visit an amusement park, even to enjoy a movie at your local theater"


If you enjoy shopping, eating out or seeing movies, then this will be the most exciting income opportunity message you've ever read. Here's why: After many years of sluggish sales and growth in the retail and restaurant industry, hundreds of nationally recognized retail stores, restaurants and movie theatres continue to utilize "Mystery Shoppers" to improve their customer service and product quality to increase sales to stay ahead of their competitors. 

Mystery Shoppers are every day consumers that pose as real customers. In reality, they are getting paid by the national headquarters of large corporations all over the United States and Canada to evaluate how a local store or restaurant is doing in their everyday business practices. 

This is your chance to discover a, little-known, part-time career where you can work from home, choose your own hours and get paid very-well for doing it!

... and if that wasn't amazing enough, the work (if you can even call it that) involves going shopping, eating out, visiting amusement parks, and watching movies... all for FOR FREE!  It's TRUE!

These large national chains and thousands more need to pay attention to all the little details at thousands of locations all around the world. But... they can't do it without the help of part-time, freelance Mystery Shoppers. Mystery Shoppers work for the headquarters of companies like:

Michael's Craft Stores Chilis Restaurants Wal-Mart
The Gap Alamo Rent-a-Car Sears
McDonald's Kmart US Post Office
Macy's Radio Shack Bloomingdales
Sports Authority Target Neiman Marcus
Loews Theaters Olive Garden Kmart
Jack In The Box Ruby Tuesday Red Lobster
CiCi's Pizza Reeds Jewelers Ace Hardware
United States Post Office Kentucky Fried Chicken Chart House
Magic Johnson Theaters Bloomingdale's Jack in the Box
OMNI Hotels and Suites Taco Bell Timberland Stores
Ace Hardware Nike Olive Garden
Hilton Hotels Neiman Marcus Radio Shack

While most Mystery Shoppers do this - part-time, some do it full time (it is their job). Jennifer Voitle the notable mystery shopper was recently featured in a recent Wall Street Journal article stated that she earns over $7,000 a month in shopping fees - not counting her shopping freebies.

To qualify to become a Mystery Shopper all you have to do to get paid is answer a few very simple questions like:

Was the store clean?
How long did it take for you to be greeted by an employee?
Were the employees polite?
Was the food hot?
Was the item you wanted in stock?

While these questions seem incredibly simple (and they are), they are also incredibly important to these companies. 

In an effort to assist new comers to the Mystery Shopping field, several publishing companies have produced online directories of these programs.  These online directories provide you with direct access to the online application forms for hundreds of companies that are currently looking for mystery shoppers. These guides and directories help you the new Mystery Shopper determine which program is best for you and exactly how to apply to the company. So you can get started quickly and easily!

Also, in an effort to keep their published information as current as possible, many of theses publishers have now converted the paper versions of their guides into digital books and database programs.

Just a few months ago the, Wall Street Journal reporter Robert Frank revealed the amazing lifestyle of freelance Mystery Shoppers to the world.

Ever since that article came out, it has taken the Mystery Shopping Business by storm. 

Known for setting the standard for news reporting, the Wall Street Journal article helped to validate this amazing career that to a few skeptics seemed almost too good to be true.

Well, the secret is out... and tons of people are rushing into this great little part-time career. 

Fortunately for you, the demand for Mystery Shoppers is as high as ever. In today's brutally competitive marketplace, many companies are looking for a competitive edge. Mystery Shoppers help them get the edge they need.

We founded this to provide consumers with the tools needed to take full advantage of the comparison-shopping power of the internet. If you've never comparison shopped for products or services online before, you are in for a real treat. So sit back, and let the let someone else do all the leg work for you for a change!

Top 10 Results:

The sites listed below have been reviewed by us and we feel offer the best products by comparison and the most competitive
prices from the many companies that we have reviewed and should serve your needs: 

The following list identifies and reviews the top 10 Mystery Shopping Directories and services available on the Internet today.  Each has a slightly different focus and emphasis. So spend a minute or two browsing our reviewed lists to save time and money.

Name Popularity


Final Comments

$25.00 One of the best online mystery shopping directories around. They have one of the  Internet's largest Mystery Shopping Databases. 

It includes access to more than 300 mystery shopper programs in the US and 40 in Canada.  This company also provides an audio training program for beginners.


$24.95 This comprehensive Mystery Shopping directory includes many specialty job assignments. They also give you instant access to the online applications. 

This will give you all the information you need to start getting paid to shop by the end of the week.



$24.50 Another great comprehensive online directory provides you with instant access to over 140 mystery shopping direct links and online applications where you can apply for any assignments you’d like.


$29.95 This site also has one of the best selling mystery shopping directories being sold online today, which sources are hand-picked as the best in the industry.


Money &

$29.95 This company offers several hundred companies listed in their directory. 

They make it very simple to apply to each company. You could be working as a mystery shopper within the next 24 hours.



$24.95 A great beginning resource for finding the sources behind all the mystery shoppers opportunities that is out there. 

Their members have 24-hour online access to an extensive and constantly updated database of companies who need shoppers.


Shop Til
You Drop

$24.90 The advise this mystery shopper guide gives is concrete and the information in it is easy-to-use. 

Their large searchable database is filled with hundreds of companies and their applications, who are willing to pay you to shop.


Surveys Paid $39.00 SurveysPaid is another mystery shopping directory similar to the others found in this list. They offer a great product.  

This is site is constantly adding new opportunities and has done all the work for you, to provide you with the most up to date resources.


For Free
$34.95 This is a nice, easy to understand site. It may very well help you get the mystery shopper job money you need! They claim to have over 11,000 members who are getting paid right from the comfort of their own home and choosing whatever hours they work.


Get Paid 2
$34.95 While the fee is among the highest, the 5 additional free bonuses included with the directory more than makes up for it. "Get Paid 2" gives you the knowledge and opportunities needed for you to become a successful paid mystery shopper. 

  Also, in addition to selecting the right Mystery Shoppers directory, many potential
  mystery shoppers have found this site
Shopping Jobs to be a very good resource
  for obtaining assignments close to their home.

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